Mike Levine 2017 IRONMAN World Championship Ambassador Athlete

Mike Levine

Mike Levine

2018 Announcement and plan for the up-coming Triathlon season.


It is with great satisfaction that I announce I will be back competing in 2018 with an ambitious Triathlon schedule following my 2017 initial comeback into Triathlon, most amazingly while battling Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and undergoing harsh Chemo Therapy on a permanent basis.  As a lifelong Triathlete, 2- time IRONMAN World Championship Finisher, having competed in over 100 Triathlons, having been selected as a 1994 Tri- Fed USA All American Honorable Mention Triathlete, competitive challenges ARE NOT new to me. While my partner and I, Kathleen McCartney (Feb 1982 IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPION)  made it to the start in Kona in 2017 as ‘Inspirational Special Interest Story Ambassador Athletes’, my and our story shared on the ‘NBC IRONMAN Special’, the mission remains incomplete and the ‘Big Journey’ is just beginning. Of course OUR BIG DREAM would be a return to Kona ‘CHEMO FREE’ next October 13. We will keep our hopes and dreams alive throughout the year. I will continue a collaborative effort as a Pancreatic Cancer survivor, along with my dear friend, ‘my inspirational leader’, mentor, coach, training partner Kathleen, to continue to spread hope, raise awareness everywhere and demonstrate that ‘Anything is Possible’, IRONMAN’s motto. We will with passion inspire fellow terminally or desperately ill Cancer patients and let them know to NEVER QUIT, NEVER GIVE UP living your biggest dreams and goals!

With that said, my ambitions for the first quarter 2018  is as follows.  February 18, I will compete in the Triton Man Triathlon in Mission Bay, Ca, followed by the Desert Triathlon in Palm Springs on March 4, then I look forward to competing in the IRONMAN Oceanside 70.3 on April 7. After Oceanside, I will search out additional exciting Triathlon venues to complete an exciting racing year.

In conclusion, Kathleen and I work collaboratively as a ‘Team Enterprise’, sharing our journey of ‘fighting the odds together’ her support and encouragement which has helped to extend my life as well as that of other Cancer Patients. We are committed to work this objective as long as humanly possible and with the prospect of enhancing each Patient’s quality of life. Kathleen WAS my inspiration going back to her 1982 victory in Kona, she is now my ‘Personal Cinderella’ and we are determined to share our incredible journey and story to Communities Nationwide. We want to share how Cancer Patients can take measures, coupled with outstanding quality medical care to say that ‘I will NEVER allow Cancer to dictate my life’ and I will survive and thrive. Hope and inspiration is everything! I was given a 1% chance of surviving a maximum of 2 years with a stage 4 diagnosis 2 ½ years ago and currently there are no signs of cancer in my system. I have enjoyed normal tumor markers for the past 18 months and all is calm and stable.  There is as they like to say, ‘no evidence of disease’, although in all likelihood, the cancer has gone dormant (in remission) for the time being.  Unfortunately, Pancreatic Cancer cells learn how to mutate around the Chemo Therapy in time. That’s just the ‘nature of the beast’. However, and in my case, the Doctor theorizes that my amazing fitness level, compliments of my ‘Cinderella’ Kathleen, has possibly strengthened my immune system to the point that it appears to be working in cooperation with the Chemo Therapy treatments.  So I might just be entering into ‘uncharted territory’ which may prove longer survivability, not just for me, but perhaps for other Patients as well through fitness works. I will embrace the wonders of life regardless of my time left. Fighting a dire Cancer diagnosis is devastating to the patient, family members and friends. We believe that adjustments in lifestyle, fitness, encouragement and inspiration can provide a ‘new outlook’ and provide better hope and outcomes for a patient’s survival along with a better quality of life.

FINALLY, I WOULD BE DELIGHTED AND HONORED to be one of your sponsored athlete’s and proud to wear, race, provide visibility for your product and would happy to make appearances, share our story (Kathleen and me), speak on behalf of your companie’s products and serve as a Representative Athlete for your organization. You can google my name, Mike Levine Ironman in any search engine and find detailed information about my and Kathleen’s background and journey for the past 2 ½ years.

With all due respect, optimism and success for 2018, I wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year!!

-Mike Levine

2017 Ironman World Championship Ambassador Athlete, Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer Patient who embraces the philosophy ‘NEVER GIVE UP and IRONMAN’s MOTTO, ‘ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE’

Mike Levine and Kathleen McCartney

Mike Levine and Kathleen McCartney

Catherine Shipman